What Damage Can Animals Do to a Boat

Our boats and docks can suffer from all kinds of animals. Birds may leave droppings that stain everything, while also leaving their fish bones. Both of which can bring some harsh smells, and more bugs. You would think during the winter it may be better. Unfortunately, that is when rodents like to find a warmer place to live. They will tear through anything to find a home for themselves. When summer rolls back around, you will go back to dealing with insects that sting, bite, or just annoy as much as possible.

We can’t be too mad at all these animals though. They are just doing what they are naturally programmed to do. They have to survive, but it just happens to sometimes annoy humans in the process. We have to outsmart them in order to make life a little less stressful on the boat. That is what boats are for, having fun!

Look up some ways you can outsmart these animals, or tune in next week for our post on how you can do some pest control!


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